Our Services

Safer Ashburton District encompasses a variety of services and delivers a number of projects, with a focus on improving the safety and community of the Mid Canterbury area. We offer a diverse range of services for young people and families of all ages, focusing on providing early intervention to support families to engage positively with their community. We believe a safer community will be achieved through having healthy, strong and well supported young people and families and that this will reduce crime in the community and the impact of crime on the district.

All of our services operate with confidentiality and are absolutely free.



Sharing Everyday Experiences and Drawing on Skills. Pairing parents of young children with an experienced and trained community support worker to pass on practical household skills.


Turnarnound Ashburton

Community Restorative Justice. Providing victims and offenders of crime an opportunity to take constructive steps to repair the damage caused by crime.


Youth Support

A one-on-one support service for youth, and working with families to continue to support the young person in the future.


CACTUS Program

A physical challenge course for ages 10-14 that teaches fitness, teamwork, self-discipline, confidence and to introduce young people to a wide variety of activities.


Families Without Violence

A coordinated service to raise the awareness of family violence in the community and to work towards education and prevention of violence within families.


HYPE Youth Health Centre

Providing confidential and free services focused on young people between the ages of 12 and 24 years, HYPE offers information, support and advocacy to young people dealing with social, sexual, mental, physical, alcohol and drug issues. We also can refer you on to other professionals.


Attendance Service

Working with families, schools, and others to help put plans in place to increase attendance at school.


Neighbourhood Support

Working within our communities to provide a safer environment.


Newcomers Network

Support, information and several different events and groups to help new residents to the district settle in and feel welcome and connected.


Community Projects

New or upcoming projects supported by Safer Ashburton.