Neighbourhood Support

Neighbourhood Support aims to make our homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer and more caring places in which to live.neighbourhood support logo

Neighbourhood Support groups were first formed in 1983 by local women in St Mary’s Bay, Auckland. This was the incentive for more groups throughout New Zealand and two years later the police acknowledged their importance in combating crime. A national body was established in 1999 and meet regularly being made up of 12 district delegates, a manager and a police representative. The Ministry of Justice gives some funding for the national body and grants to districts, who also apply for local funding.

In the Ashburton district there is currently more than 300 Neighbourhood Support groups.

Reasons for Neighbourhood Support

   Reduces isolation: For newcomers or those living alone, Neighbourhood Support increases the feeling of wellbeing in a community, perceived sense of safety/friendliness where everyone is respected and valued. People are often misjudged until you meet them.

  Reduces crime: Information from police, tell neighbours you are away, keep mailboxes clear, notice strangers in neighbourhood, talk with each other about suspicious behaviour.

    Individual emergency (either your own or your neighbours): Can call 111 but you may need to call on a neighbour more quickly. For example noises at night, fall, suspicious people, burst pipe.

       Local or national emergency: You know who is vulnerable, such as the elderly, people with limited mobility or  you know who can help with resources such as a generator or first aid.

How does it work?

With the help of the coordinator, information is collected from interested neighbours, a street contact is appointed and a list of names and contact details is given to each member of the group. The street contact welcomes new people to the street/road and adds them to the group if they want to join, an updated list is then given to everyone.

Groups are encouraged to have a “get together” once a year.


Neighbourhood Support district coordinator Christine Richards

Location: Ashburton Police Station, Havelock St

Post: PO Box 34, Ashburton

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: (03) 3078410


Please feel free to give Christine a call if you are interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Support group or would like more information.