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cactus1CACTUS is a physical training and challenge course for all young people aged 10 to 14 years. Running during the school term, it is a physically and mentally demanding course that teaches fitness, teamwork, discipline and confidence in a fun and supportive environment. CACTUS also works with local community groups to introduce participants to other opportunities in their area, as well as providing some unique and fun activities.

Run by a dedicated team of instructors, CACTUS helps young people to think, act, and learn that they have unknown inner strengths, and abilities. Staff ensure that each trainee reaches their own potential, and improves in self esteem, self discipline, confidence and physical fitness. Each course is followed by an overnight camp to introduce participants to new camping and bush skills as well as to celebrate their achievements throughout the course.

How to get Involved


The CACTUS course is held at Mania-o-roto Scout Hall on Chalmers Ave, every Monday & Tuesday, from 3:30pm to 5pm. It takes place through school terms one, three and four.

During terms one & four two, CACTUS is held in Methven. You can enrol by contacting the CACTUS coordinator at Safer Ashburton District, 44 Cass St, Ashburton, or by mailing in an expression of interest form, which can be found below or picked up from a local Ashburton School.

During the Christmas school holidays, an Advanced CACTUS camp is held over five days. This course is for selected trainees who have participated in the basic CACTUS course during school terms one-three of the previous year and have performed to a high standard, both physically and mentally. The CACTUS advanced course will have activities that challenge you further as well as activities that will be more fun and rewarding than the basic CACTUS course. At the end of the advanced CACTUS course, participants return to Ashburton at 1pm and lunch will be provided for them and their families to celebrate their achievements.

During the advanced CACTUS course we will be doing a variety of outdoor activities. Be prepared to hike, sail, mountain bike, build shelters, swim and climb. The advanced CACTUS course is not graded, however, there will be some fun prizes during and after the course for the trainees.


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CACTUS Expression of Interest Form

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