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About The Families Without Violence Network


image001In 1998 a group of community agencies and organisations came together and worked on a Safer Ashburton District initiative ‘Community Action to Prevent Family Violence’ programme. From this initiative came funding for a local Families Without Violence Coordinator.


The Families Without Violence Coordinators role is to gather information and educate the public about family violence within the Ashburton District. We have a focus on prevention of family violence and providing information, posters, brochures and various resources to the public. The Families Without Violence Network aim to raise awareness and support nationwide initiatives through hosting events, such as the White Ribbon Campaign, that support the message that family violence is never okay.

Encouragingly, family violence is becoming a topic that people are able to talk about more openly and is receiving positive support from our community in many different ways. However, it continues to be a significant issue in our community, and aiming to prevent family violence through promoting safe and healthy families is an important part of helping to end family violence in all its forms.

The Families Without Violence Coordinator is managed by Safer Ashburton District, and operates on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Community House.



Families Without Violence Co-ordinator

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Phone: (03) 3081395 or 027 296 0001