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Rj1About Project Turnaround

Restorative Justice is a community-based process that aims to give offenders and victims of crime the opportunity to meet and discuss the offending in a safe environment. It provides the opportunity for constructive steps to be taken to repair the harm caused by the offending, before the charge is heard by the judge. This repair of the harm to victims can take many forms and includes such things as reparation for victims and counselling for defendants and victims if required. Community work for defendants and voluntary payments to local charities nominated by the victim can also be resolutions. Restorative Justice is a voluntary process for all parties and will not go ahead unless both victim and offender agree.

Our goals

The Restorative Justice process aims to meet the needs of victims by giving them an opportunity to participate in how the offending is resolved. It also encourages offenders to be accountable for their actions and to take responsibility for putting things right. Through this process, there may be a reduction in repeat offending by those involved.

Following an initial court appearence, a conference involving all the parties is arranged. A plan is formulated addressing the need for reparation, penalty, treatment and/or education. Everyone has a chnace to put forward their ideas and everyone must agree on the outcome.


Restorative Justice Co-ordinator 

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