Youth Support

About Youth Support

YS4Youth Support is a one-on-one support service for young people, aged 10 - 17, in the Ashburton district. To address the wide variety of needs that young people experience, Safer Ashburton District employs a Youth Support worker to assist young people and their families on targeted issues that are creating difficulties or obstacles in the young persons life.

The Youth Support worker and the young person develop a plan of action based around the young persons concern, and use a set time period to achieve these goals. This can include assisting the young person to achieve their goals, or to support them in accessing the resources they need. If appropriate, the Youth Support worker also works with the family to ensure that necessary skills are passed on to provide continued support for their young person at the completion of their involvement with Youth Support.

Youth Support is a free and confidential service.


How to get involved with Youth Support

Anyone can refer themselves or the young person that they are involved with. As Youth Support is designed to work alongside young people, we request that you have the consent of the young person before referring to Youth Support. You can find a referral form linked below, or pick up a form from Safer Ashburton District, 44 Cass St. You can also request a referral through school counsellors or other social services. 



Youth Support Worker 

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: (03) 3081395 

Mobile: 0272650963


Youth Support referral form